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Walnut- 3 1/2” Tall x 1 3/8” Wide

Walnut- 3 1/2” Tall x 1 3/8” Wide

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Introducing our premium Walnut Wood Sofa Legs, the perfect enhancement for your Lovesac Sactional and compatible furniture. With an industry-standard M8x1.25 bolt pattern, these legs are designed for a seamless fit and easy installation. Each leg stands at a comfortable height of 3 1/2 inches, offering an elevated seating position that can aid in improving comfort for individuals with back pain or mobility challenges.

Crafted from exquisite walnut wood, these legs are not only sturdy but also add a touch of elegance to your living space. The rich, dark hues of the walnut are sure to complement any decor, bringing warmth and a refined aesthetic.

Moreover, the increased height of these sofa legs facilitates effortless cleaning under your sofa, ensuring your space remains pristine with minimal effort. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Sactional or bring new life to other compatible furniture, these walnut sofa legs blend functionality, comfort, and style. Elevate your home's ambiance and enjoy the blend of luxury and practical design that these sofa legs offer.

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